Introduction to TS-CHEM Features and Applications

TS-CHEM is a software studio for solute transport modeling within which the user can:
  • Select from one of 32 widely used ADE models now assembled in a single library
  • Specify a chemical for each Source Model (from the internal chemical database or as a user-specified custom chemical)
  • Add one or more Source Models at selected locations; commingled plumes can be deconstructed to examine the contribution from each source
  • Analyze plume volume, mass and other attributes
  • Export plume data for plotting in other software
Features Summary of the 32 Models

Version 2022-1 now available! Key updates include:
  • Easier data entry controls
  • New concentration cursor inspector tool
  • Labeling of concentration contours
  • Minor bug fixes

  • Click HERE to download the latest version.

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